Commercial vehicle

As the main business of the group, automobile industry holds commercial vehicles as the leading product which includes such two brands as “Chang’an” and “Kuayue”. The commercial vehicles are manufactured by the group’s controlled company Chongqing Chang’an Kuayue Automobile Co., Ltd. which is also the base for manufacturing the light vehicles of Chang’an Auto (Chongqing), one of automobile pioneers in China. 

As per requirements of Notification of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government on Issuing Chongqing Automobile Industry Triennium Revitalization Program, Chang’an Kuayue Automobile Industrial base will organize a Chongqing Automobile Industrial Cluster with production scale of 300,000 light vehicles in northeast Chongqing, Changshou County, Fulin County, etc. to boost industry and economy development of Three Gorges reservoir area.

Dynamically operated by the group’s subordinate industrial investment company, multiple automobile parts (or assembly) manufacturers of motor, axle, compartment, seat, glass, plastic, inner decoration and carframe have been settled in Wanzhou Tianzi Park. A modern automobile industrial cluster has been initially formed.



Affiliated enterprises:

  Chongqing Chang’an Kuayue Automobile Co., Ltd.

  Address: No. 77, Shenming North Road, Wanzhou District, Chongqing, China

  Tel.:86-23-89119998 / 400-887-7718


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