Han Hua, the CPC member, born in September 1955, former member of the first and second Chongqing CPPCC, member of the third People’s Congress of Chongqing, vice chairman of Chongqing Federation of Industry & Commerce, now takes the post of Chairman of Chongqing Kuayue (Group) Co., Ltd. and a counselor of Chongqing Federation of Industry & Commerce.

The chairman was awarded as an outstanding individual for glorious cause in 2002, one of the “Chongqing Outstanding Non-public Businessmen and Constructors of Socialism" in 2006, and one of the 2nd excellent Chongqing entrepreneurs of initiative business in 2006.



Chairman speech:

Leaping development presents an initiative practice fearless of hardships or difficulties as an extraordinary state.

It is our persistent pursuit to achieve a sound, sustainable and rapid development.

After twenty years of painstaking efforts, Kuayue Group has made substantial progress and developed into a large share-holding corporation pursuing diversified development that primarily focuses on commercial vehicles and real estate. Remarkable accomplishments have been made since 1997, making Kuayue the winner of a series of titles such as “Chongqing Top 50 Private Enterprises” and “Chongqing Top 100 Enterprises”. A favorable development is attained under the guidance of wise policy, and the achievements are attributed to the efforts of all employees. Despite all the glories we have got, we shall never cease to make progress. Hereby I also would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all friends for your support and contribution! 

It is all employees’ great aspiration to promote Kuayue to a ten-billion-level and century-old enterprise. Guided by the philosophy of “Everybody makes progress everyday”, we have firm conviction that Kuayue will embrace a more promising future under joint efforts of all employees. 

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